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Java Debuggers and Timeouts

2014 July 10
How to use your debugger in the presence of timeouts in your code.

Lambda Behave 0.2 Released

2014 July 06
Lambda Behave 0.2 adds a host of improvements including automatic testcase generation.

Too Fast, Too Megamorphic: what influences method call performance in Java?

2014 May 12
Factors that influence method invocation performance.

An open source JVM Sampling Profiler

2014 March 02
An open source profiler without a safepoint sampling bias. Please contribute!

Date and Time in Java SE 8

2014 January 28
The article for date and time in Java 8 that I wrote for Java magazine has now been published. The article is linked inline here.

How to grow the speakers in your technical community

2013 November 24
Practices that the London Java Community uses to grow the speaking talent in their technical community.

The Resurgence of Apache and the Rise of Eclipse

2013 October 12
Apache is no longer the place projects go to die and eclipse is expanding from just IDEs.

Caching In: Understand, Measure and Use your CPU Cache more effectively

2013 October 02
Slides from my Javaone talk on CPU Caching

Javaone 2013 Review

2013 September 27
I attended Javaone again this year. It was fun.

Performance tests for slow networks with tc

2013 July 25
This post explains a simple way to replicate slow network conditions using the linux command tc. This makes it easier to performance test 2G or slow 3G smartphone connections.